Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Entertainment

It's been way to long since I have been to movie theater. Seriously. I'm talking years. But "The Tourist" tempted me.  The beautiful costumes and the breathtaking backdrop intrigued me.  The majority of the movie is set in Venice, Italy so how could I resist?

The costumes and the scenery did not disappoint.  In fact, it made me long to be back in Italy.  I was in Venice last year so I  couldn't help but say to myself during the movie "I've been there" or "I've seen that" on more than one occasion.  I also fell in love with the classic modern style of Jolie's character, "Elise".  It turns out that Ferragamo designed the beautiful nude "Elise" shoe for the movie two heel heights, as well as with and without platforms, depending on the scene.  If you want to take home your very own  beige suede and/or  black leather versions of the "Elise," complete with metal heel, they are being sold in limited release in select stores worldwide coinciding with the launch of the film this past December. You  better hurry though....I just might beat you to it!

"The Tourist" Movie Trailer

The scenes in the lobby of the Danieli Hotel was actually a set. But I can tell you it was just as gorgeous as the real thing.  And the featured Doges Suite is actually in a different building! Ah, the magic of the movies!
I can't think of anything more magical than a coctail or late night dining on the Grand Canal.

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