Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's all about details

Did you read the recent post over at Beach Bungalow 8? The post is about a chair with a rather unique detail- the ring pull on the back of the chair. And maybe not so unique anymore as this detail is seeming to pop up more and more frequently. I first fell in love with it a few years ago when Italian architect Michele Bonan designed JK Place Capri. Both photos are Bonan designs and this little detail seems to be one of his signatures.

JK Place (Capri, Italy)

Hotel Vendome (Paris, France)
The question posed to readers on Megan's blog was whether or not you like this particular chair detail. The comments were a mixed bag. Here is how I responded:

Megan's post got me thinking in general about details in design.  Details are very important to me and I will fret over the smallest feature. I never overlook them because they can make all the difference. You know, the difference between "wow" and "woooow". 

Here are a few design details that I absolutely love. From these photos you can see how they add interest or in some cases actually make the piece.

Ribbon and nailhead trim.  The space between the nailheads shows off the pretty pink ribbon.

Button detail.

Contrast welting.

Drapery detail in my office. I added a Windsor Smith fabric ("Purpose") to a pair of off-the rack drapery panels for a custom look.

So, my dear readers, I will leave you with this quote from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe:

"God is in the details." 


beachbungalow8 said...

I think you hit the nail on the head (pun intended!) It's like dressing ourselves, why not add a little sparkle where you feel it's needed. I saw the pull on a friend's chairs in his lovely apartment and it suited the space perfectly. I like a nail head detail, not for its functionality but for it's added visual interest. Your window treatment reference was perfect. I sheet hung up on a window would be just as effective as a beautifully detailed drape, but would you do it?

Dining and Decor said...

I agreed about the nailheads. I cannot get enough of them!

And I would totally hang a sheet but without a rod. A la Charlotte Moss in her now defunct "Townhouse" boutique. Here's an example from her shop via Habitually Chic: