Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is it meant to be?

Several years ago I fell in love with a photograph in a magazine. I wish I would have scanned that picture.  It featured a beautiful dining room with an oversized antique balance scale prominently sitting on a sideboard like a precious sculpture.  I can't explain what the allure was but it was  love at first sight. Every time I walk into an antique shop I keep my eyes peeled for a beautiful balance scale ever since seeing that picture.   I have seen a few since then but not many. And none that took my breath away as the one in the picture did.

While Christmas shopping a few weeks ago I walked passed Z Gallerie.  Their window display stopped me dead in my tracks.  There it was- a beautiful modern balance scale. It made my heart swoon. I chose not to purchase it due to its grand scale (29.5" wide by 37" tall). The scale is actually a good thing. But a statement piece such as this needs to be in just the right place.  I don't think I have a spot in our home that would do this piece justice.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I was thumbing through the January 2011 issue of Real Simple and there was an article that caught my eye.  This was the title:

"Love it but not sure what to do with it? Armed with know-how and a bit of courage you can make even the most intimidating objects...blend seamlessly into your home...".
This article automatically made me think about the modern balance scale.  Was it meant to be?


Rene said...

Isn't it funny how subtle suggestions like that can get our attention? Yes, I do believe it was meant to be.


Donna in Potomac said...

Beautiful homes are made of heart-swooning objects collected over time. Maybe it could serve double-duty holding gorgeous linens in your master bath, or overflowing grapes in the kitchen - until you get your Modern Tuscan Villa or Castle by the Sea :) Let us know what you decide!
p.s. any chance you're a Libra?

Dining and Decor said...

Rene & Donna,
Thanks for your comments.

Rene - Yes, subtle suggestions can be so very powerful, can't they!

Donna - Thanks for some great suggestions on how to display it. Great ideas! And, oh how I do love the idea of a Modern Tuscan Villa or Castle by the Sea. How did you ever know!