Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scenic Dining in Rome: Aroma at the Palazzo Manfredi

Italy is always on my mind. Always. There is no place I would rather be. Really. It has been a few years since I have have been to Rome but next time I am there I definitely want to check out the roof top restaurant, Aroma, at the 16 room Palazzo Manfredi Roma hotel. The Aroma restaurant has the most stunning view in Rome over looking the Colosseum. Doesn't it look like the perfect place to have a meal? I am sure I can linger here for hours. With a backdrop as stunning as the Colosseum, why would anyone ever want to leave?!

The hotel is owned by Counts Gofredo and Leonardo Manfredi and has recently undergone a renovation. The colors and design of the new hotel and restaurant respect the history of such a historic area while providing new life to the hotel.



Photos via Palazzo Manfredi.


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

That looks amazing! My husband was able to travel to Rome and Spain a few years ago with work. I stayed home with our little one not being ready to leave her. If I make it there, I will sure to check out that view.

Punctuation Mark said...

what a beautiful place... hope you had a nice weekend!