Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall

Today is officially the first day of Fall. And I couldn't be more excited. Fall means pulling out the sweaters, drinking hot cider, and name a few! I only wish I lived in an area that experiences true seasons. Here in Los Angeles they just sort of blend together. 

In early October I will be heading up to the mountains for an extended weekend trip with my girl pals.  It has turned into an annual ritual that I look forward to each year. I always have such a good time just handing out with the girls.  No husbands or kids allowed! With the mountains on my mind I though I would share a couple of fabulous retreats. From mountain chic to casual comfort, I have each style covered. Which do you gravitate to?

Mountain Chic.
Interior Design by Kullman & Kravis

Casual Comfort.
Interior Design by Mimi London

Photography by David O. Marlo for Architectural Digest.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I can't wait for that weekend! I too love Fall and am so excited that it's here. I actually looked for leaves yesterday on my walk but they aren't out yet (want to put some in a vase on our table). I will be patient and keep looking.