Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday - Photo of the Day

Every time Mr. B and I have a bottle of champagne we always keep the metal cap. We didn't plan on starting this collection.  It just kinda happened.  And it all started with keeping one cap from a bottle of our wedding champagne. We don't display them or do anything special with them. In fact, they sit in a zip lock bag stored in a kitchen cabinet.  I pulled them out today and realized that some of them are quite interesting.  Almost little works of art on metal.  They make me happy because they remind me of good times shared with the Mr. 

Now it's your turn.  Tell me... what do you collect? Do you display your collections?

A few of our champagne caps.


the gardeners cottage said...

thanks for stopping by.

your photography is amazing and i know that is a word that is overused in blogging. but it is.

would you please come over and show me how to take pictures?

what do i collect? hmmm, the only real collection i have is of bird nests. i started finding them on golf courses and the collection just sort of grew. after paring down my entire life i think i kept 5 or 6 good ones.

there must be a beautiful way for you to display your collection.

now i have to go make something to eat b/c after looking at just your first page i'm starving.


Anonymous said...

Love the caps! Maybe you could mount them under glass on a beautiful serving tray that you surprise your husband with on your Tenth(tin/aluminum)Anniversary.

My husband and I have collected 3 things since we've been married; restaurant matches, shot glasses, and Christmas ornaments from every city or town visited. We're in the travel biz and married for 31 years, so that's a lotta lotta:) The ornaments give us the most joy, because for one month out of every year we get to relive all the great memories.

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for turning me onto that awesome boutique hotel...gotta go!

Donna in Potomac

Punctuation Mark said...

the only thing i can say i sort of collect is postcards from my friends trips... love them!!!

Dining and Decor said...

Gardner's Cottage: I bet your birds nests are beautiful. How do you display them?

Donna- It sounds like you have some wonderful collections. And lots of wonderful memories to go along with them. To me, that is the most important part.

PM - Postcards are a great collection. Plus, they can easily be stored nice and tidy or framed for display.

Anonymous said...

So cute! You have to show them off somewhere in the house...they are so colorful. We started collecting wine corks beginning with our wedding and have them displayed in a beautiful vase on the entry way table.